• Beastie Boys: Broke the racial barrier in hip-hop and reinvented what a rappers image is while touching generations of people with their different style and flow.
  • Wu-Tang Clan: Showed lyrical perfection and gave metaphorical 6th senses that still aren't 100% deciphered due to it's intensity; also basing their lives as if they were lyrical warriors fighting rappers that gave a false illusion of what hip-hop really is.
  • RUN DMC: Broke the rock and rap borders lines and created a new concept to music; combining rock and rap to change music forever while converting rock-heads into hip-hop-heads for the better by being more musically diverse.
  • N.W.A.: Combined rapping about street-live life and overthrowing the oppressive and racist cops that judged them based on what they looked like because of their skin color and where they grew up.
  • Young Money: Continuously rap about money and execute extremely poor delivery; make metaphors that contradict itself and virtually collapse within itself, make rap about fashion more than lyrics and talent. they all fucking suck. AND THEY'RE ALL GAY AND CANT RAP